I love my new Pro-Boss. It’s light weight, sturdy, and it’s easy to pull the arrows out! Its all you need in an archery boss.
— Amy Lee - Team GB, Former European champion and 2010 Commonwealth Games team event silver medalist.

I’ve been using this ProBoss target since January 2016 and as you can see it has stood up remarkably well. During the winter months I do all my blank boss training on this (approximately 600- 800 arrows a week), and in the summer I tend to shoot it when I can’t get to the range. Only now does the central core need replacing. The rest of the target shows little wear despite the number of arrows that have been shot into it.
I shoot a 46lb recurve and during my training it is normally shot at a distance of about 4 metres. It is a testament to the quality of these targets that they show such little use after a significant amount of use all year round.
I thoroughly recommend ProBoss for anyone, or any club who is looking for a light, easily portable hard wearing and highly resilient target.
— Joe Fairburn - Team GB Archer
In the past I have shot at various different types of boss ranging from straw to layered foam, all of which I have found my arrows protruding more from the rear of the target then the front by the time I had shot the same amount of arrows as I have currently shot at my ProBoss boss or in the case of the layered foam bosses when it was wet.
— David Cousins
I do absolutely love my ProBoss!!! 😁 It stops my carbons easily at 10m without even the piles being visible on the other side and you can pull the arrows out with just two fingers!!! Definitely a lovely target that I’m delighted with.
— Lewis Brown - Para Archer